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Flipping Wall Street is a technology and marketing company specializing in stock trading/investing software. Our FLIP Stock investment software is a platform that uses algorithms that send signals to our users alerting them of optimal price points to decide ownership of the stocks in their portfolio. It is a next generation product designed to manage the “ownership” of stocks for individual stock market participants. In contrast, with other automated systems that execute trade orders once, our software is capable of executing a defined trading strategy continuously and instantaneously with no day to day user-intervention. The FLIP software monitors the complexities of the stock market and the volatility that often affect trade outcomes. The software platform's ability to analyze millions of data points and tests hundreds of strategies for efficacy by utilizing historical data can significantly improve the likelihood of a portfolio performing smoother and better over time. Join the trading revolution today!

1000000 Lines Of Code

4000 Stock Strategy Combos

500 Days To Build Software

What we do

Stock Trading Technology For Individuals

Flipping Wall Street is an established, leading developer of a high-performance risk adjusted stock investment technology for active and passive market participants. Flipping Wall Street provides individuals the ability to utilize this type of revolutionary trading technology that once was only available to the very rich or those in the “know” on Wall Street. Our financial learning investment platform, FLIP, can be connected to a brokerage account for clients to execute the algorithms signals through their broker automatically. The algorithms statistically based optimal price signals apply risk control to the securities in their user-defined portfolios with no programming required. The FLIP trading platform user interface is very easy to use, providing complete point and click ability to setup a sophisticated trading portfolio in no time.

We Created An Easy To Customize Trading Platform

A sophisticated portfolio strategy – for your desktop and mobile devices that easily filters through NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks and ETFs, and applies trading strategies that manage the risk of the components inside a portfolio. This investment approach uses a powerful stock search engine that compares and contrasts the performance of different investment rules on individual stocks. The trading platform offers a simulation mode that allows users to test their portfolio choices before risking their capital. The FLIP platform also provides an intuitive portfolio builder and back-testing capabilities that allows you to compare different trading rules to different stocks and help you confidently make stock trading choices without having to learn any technical language.

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